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Tegal Wangi Beach, Pre Wedding Photography Bali, Bali Beach Wedding, Wedding Venue
TEGAL WANGI BEACH  the best Pre Wedding location in Bali, located at Jimbaran area, near The Ayana Resort and Spa Bali. From Nusa Dua it takes 30 minutes driving in normal traffic, but if it’s happy traffic jam, it will take 45 minute 1 hour hour. Its hidden place with magnificent sunset as background with white sand beach.

This white sand beach and beautiful sunset,are really great for your outdoor pre wedding photography in Bali and more easier for Global Photo Team for taking photograph, 
because less people around, on photo shoot time can be shoot blue ocean and sunset two different background. Totally different from other beach in Bali, which is so crowded with many tourists.

Location entry fee Rp.150.000.

Camel Riding Bali, Pre Wedding Photography Bali, Pre Wedding on the Beach Bali
CAMEL RIDDING  the place where you can have camel safari is at Sawangan beach Nusa Dua, in front of Nikko hotel Bali. You can get pleasure with the beautiful view of white sand beach and Camel ridding. If you try this type of pre wedding, uniqueness is dependently you gone get. Clear blue skies with ocean background and white sand beach is gone make great mixture with the came that you ride.

If you want to have interesting your pre wedding pictures on this location, than it will be the mix photo shoot of your pre wedding on the beach. By the way, there gone be property rent if you wish to have camel ridding pre wedding photography on the beach, the fee is 50Usd per half hour. Half hour is more than enough for us to take a lot of different of your photographs in Bali.

Location entry fee & Camel Rent 50 USD.

Jimbaran Beach, Bali Sunset Wedding, Bali Photographer, Bali Wedding Venue
JIMBARAN BEACH the famous pre wedding & wedding location in Bali . Where enjoying the peaceful and romantic atmosphere at the fabulous beach spot. Jimbaran beach become one of the most favorite beach by photographers and couples to do pre wedding photo shooting. White sand and a charming sunset view will make your pre wedding photo absolutely amazing.

The most recommended time for photo shooting is at 5pm to get a photo with dramatic colors. Besides being able to see the sunset, we also get to see local fisherman activities with their simple tools. 
Jimbaran beach located front of intercontinental Bali and Four Seasons hotels.

Location entry fee is free.

Monumen Nusa Dua, Balinese Style Wedding
MONUMENT NUSA DUA  is located at Jalan bypass I Gusti Ngurah Rai. You might think this impressive building is of ancient times, but in fact this memorial was built in 2008 and is partially open for public. Completely made of black stones, which in Balinese style this structure; when you are using with light-colored clothing will give you great results.

If you still interest Balinese style pre-wedding photo shoots that location will be make you happy. 
Nusa Dua Monument is about 30 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai airport.

Location entry fee Rp.200.000.

Mangrove Forest Bali, Pre Wedding Photography Bali, Bali Photographer, Pre Wedding Venue Bali
MANGROVE FOREST one of the most favorite pre-wedding destination, it is a very big area, there is a traditional wooden bridge that can be used to walk around the forest. This bridge is long as it makes its way around the mangrove forest, along this bridge there are some huts that can be used for photo shoot. On during photo shoot time you can enjoy the natural environment and begin to understand the complex ecosystem and soak up the rejuvenating fresh air.

Mangroves forest can be an alternate Pre-wedding destination in Bali. The mangrove forest is located in Suwung Kauh, Benoa. It is very easy to get to, it on the left side of Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai if you come from Sanur to Ngurah Rai Airport. 30 minutes from Nusa Dua. 
This place open from 8 am to 4 pm.

Location entry fee Rp.200.000.

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