Back then, Chris and Veronica was one of our returned client. They have done their pre wedding session with Global Photography almost a year before their wedding. Yet, they haven’t notice me of their plan to have their wedding here, in Bali.

It was a pleasant surprise for us, even though a few days is only what we have to prepare the wedding photography concept.  Not to mention the wedding arrangement itself was lack of preparation. That was when we offer them some help to prepare the gown and other details. Years of business and socialize in Bali has brought us lots of data base for such occasion.

Holiday Inn was chosen as their wedding venue. Bali was in peak season for wedding ceremonies, there a not many choices left for them for Bali wedding venues and Global Photo team were there to assist them in anyway we can.

Finally, the D day! It was a sunny day we had, all Global team member were there with their properties and picture in their head, it was fun and easy session and we knew that both of them will leave Bali with laugh and smile looking at their wedding picture on the flight back home, a satisfaction, is what we always aim. see some of their pictures here.

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